Close Edge Trimmed & Brass Wire Screwed.

Only the Best Raw Materials are used in our Boots.

1.3mm Australian Yearling Upper Material
1mm full Leather Lining
14 Iron Oak Tanned Butt Leather Sole
Oak tanned Moulded Butt leather Insole & Midsole.
60 Bonded nylon rot free thread used in all upper stitching.
Back Seam Reinforced With Frenching Tape.
Double Weave !00% Rubber Covered Water Resistant Elastic.
8mm Compressed Moulded Leather Heel Stiffener.
Moulded carbon fibre & fibre glass shank.
Stacked Leather Blocked Cuban Heel with Nitrile Rubber Top Piece.
Full Poron padded footbed & 3/4 leather sock.

The Toughest Construction is Used

Leather upper cement lasted to leather insole which has poron laminated to it for extra comfort.
Cork filling applied and moulded carbon fibre & fibre glass shank is attached under the Arch for total support.
Butt Leather Mid-Sole is then laminated and blake stitched (machine Sewn) through upper to the Insole.
 Oak tanned butt leather sole laminated to base of boot.
 Sole is then screwed with brass wire to base of boot through to the insole.
Heel is then laminated to the sole and internally nailed using hardened buttress cling nails.
The Boot is then Trimmed to shape leaving a good Spur rest on The Heel
It is then cleaned, inspected and boxed ready for shipment.