Goodyear welt construction
This is a flexible light weight construction.

The Upper leather is cement lasted onto a ribbed sole
This ribbing is glued and stitched to the insole for strength
The welt is then stitched onto the upper leather and ribbing.
This welt stitching is a full welt as it goes all around the upper and insole,
A fully welted boot gives a lot of strength to the heel area of the boot so it does not peel.
This then stops the leather from parting with the boot.
We then insert the Carbon fibre shank and cork fill the cavity between the ribbing.
This cork filling gives a cushioning under the foot for extra comfort.
The sole is then glued to the bottom of the boot.
After the sole has been laid it is then stitched to the welting to ensure it does not peel.
The boot is then sole leveled to make sure it will form to the foot from the start.
The heel is then Glued onto the sole and internally Gang screw nailed.
This screw nailing gives the boot extra strength to support spurs and removal of the boot
around the heel area.
After this the sole is trimmed to shape and finished.
This construction makes for a light reasonably strong boot.
We only use the finest of raw materials to ensure its strength.